Business Affairs Services

We assist our clients with the drafting and negotiation of various agreements, including:

Recording Contracts and Exclusive Licences
Producer and Featured Artist Agreements
Remix and Video Production Contracts
Management Contracts
Publishing & Composition Agreements
Neighbouring Rights Agreements
Synchronisation Licences
Samples Clearances
Albums Brand Licences
Compilation Licences
Physical Distribution Agreements

Tour & Events
Event Production and Promotion Agreements
Rights Clearances for Events, TV Shows and Festivals
Booking and Touring Contracts
Venue Hire Agreements
Production Equipment Rentals
Drinks & Alcohol Supply Agreements

Youtube Agreements and CMS’s Deals
Website and App Development Contracts
Software Development Agreements and Maintenance
Websites T&Cs
API Licences
Digital Distribution Agreements
IT support agreements

Media & Commercial
Sponsorships of Live Events
Product Placements
Brand Partnerships and Image Rights Contracts
Merchandising Contracts and Endorsements
Competitions T&Cs
Photography, Artwork and Image Licences
Consultancy, Freelancers and Services Agreements
Location and Private Hire Agreements for Videos and Film’s Productions
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Radio Presenter Agreements and Radio Shows Syndication Contracts